If You Like Micro Bags, These Tiny Gelareh Mizrahi Ones May Be Right for You

Gelareh Mizrahi Micro Mini Top Handle Bag

Since the start of COVID, my bag carrying tendencies have shifted greatly. Without leaving the house often or having places to go, gone were the days of switching out my bags on the regular and carrying many items. Though there came a point when we were able to venture out a bit more in this new normal, I still know many have changed how and what they want to carry. Micro bags, which have continued to take a major seat in the bag market, became even more relevant with people wanting to carry as little as possible when they left the house.

There are plenty of micro bag options, and I’d love to share what fits in some of the most popular micro bags with you soon (because even if they are insanely small, they still need to be usable), but today I want to share these three micro bags from Gelareh Mizrahi that are on sale right now. I have loved following the brand for its quirky style, immediate jump-to-action to help our health heroes during COVID, and the style of the bags of course.

One bag that has helped put the brand on the map is its Gelareh Mizrahi Micro Mini Top Handle Bag. I know, many of you don’t care about the Kardashian Jenners, but I would be leaving out the key celeb endorsement of this brand as Kylie Jenner has been seen with countless bags from Gelareh Mizrahi and she’s shared them with her daughter, Stormi, as well. The bags may have been gifted, but they weren’t paid placements so it’s an active decision on Kylie’s part to carry the bags.

The Gelareh Mizrahi Micro Mini Top Handle is a pint sized python bag and should fit your keys, lipgloss, and some credit cards but that’s about it. Your phone, well that needs to be in your pocket. But even with it being a less than spacious bag, I have found it to be such a signature design from the young brand and appreciate the celebrity moments the brand has enjoyed. Right now there is a black, white and neon yellow version available all on ShopBop for just about half the retail price ($150 and $125 respectively). If you are looking for a tiny bag, this may be it for you.

Shop the black, white, and neon yellow now!

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