How To Celebrate Holidays Alone – Solo Thanksgiving, COVID

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As someone who lives across the country from most of their loved ones, I know firsthand the range of emotions that can come up thinking about Thanksgiving — and how it’s going to feel wholly different from years past. The upside in all this? Grandma No-Filter won’t have a chance to ask why you don’t have any kids yet, and you also won’t get roped into making any embarrassing family TikToks. Phew!

Despite the less than ideal circumstances we’ve been dealt in 2020, we should all feel determined to make this year’s celebrations as festive and cheery as possible. For one, we could all use the escapism, and two, this is the perfect excuse to kick any traditions you don’t love and cultivate a celebration that is tailor-made to you. See our creative ways for jazzing up your own solo Thanksgiving, ahead.

1) Your menu, your rules. If the thought of cooking a raw turkey grosses you out, no problemo! Why spend hours cheffing it up if you’re not excited about your meal plan, anyway? Our advice: don’t be afraid to skip straight to the side dishes, or use this opportunity to test out a totally new recipe.

2) Fall-ify your home. Bring on the plaid throw pillows, woodsy candles, and cinnamon spice potpourri to create the ultimate shrine to sweater weather. Now’s the perfect time to start those DIY projects you’ve had your eye on, too.

3) Zoom in your guests. We’ll give you a pass on bringing technology to the table this year so you can coordinate across time zones and zip codes to have your friends and fam join you for dinner. If you have multiple social groups to account for, relish in being able to “attend” several celebrations without leaving the couch. As an added bonus, if any family member starts talking politics, don’t forget you can always smash that *mute* button!

4) Marathon your favorite Thanksgiving classics. Behold, a very special treat in which you have full control of the remote this year. Not interested in the Turkey Day football matchups? Turn on the Friends classic, “The One With All The Thanksgivings,” or Gossip Girl‘s “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!” episode for some nostalgia and LOLs.

5) Make your own Turkey Trot. Ok, maybe running a 5K at the crack of dawn isn’t your dream way to spend the holiday, but use your off-the-clock time to go for a walk and get your heart rate up, or try a new workout video. Pre-meal Yoga by Adriene, anyone?

6) Volunteer your time. There’s no shortage of organizations or volunteer efforts that could use your support this year. If you’re not sure how to get started, VolunteerMatch helps connect you to opportunities close to your zip code.

7) Get a jump start on your holiday shopping. Beat the Black Friday rush and Cyber Monday orders by doing a little online browsing while you cook. We’ve got plenty of gift guides to help you get started featuring gifts for kids, gifts for coffee lovers, and unique gifts for all.

8) Carve out some time for gratitude. Not only is an attitude of gratitude proven to boost your mood, but a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way in lifting someone else up. Write a few thank you notes to mail out the good old-fashioned way, jot down what you’re grateful for in your journal, and say thank you to those you encounter throughout the day, be it your neighbor, delivery driver, or grocery store cashier.

9) Dedicate the day to self-care. If you’ve amassed a pile of new books you’ve been wanting to read for months, or are in the mood for DIY mani-pedis and face masks, do it up! Spend the day luxuriating in some uninterrupted you-time even if that’s doing absolutely nothing except sleeping late, ordering in, and taking a nap! Do whatever your heart desires to rest up from this wild year.

What ways are you making Thanksgiving special this year? Drop us a DM on @britandco and let us know!

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