Get Comfortable With the Olukai Moloa Slipper : Nathan’s Review

Pros of the Olukai Moloa Slipper Cons
Versatility with the Olukai patented drop in heel Keeping the slippers smelling fresh can be tough if you a) where them a lot and b) have naturally smelly feet 
True to size with good with in the mid part of the shoe and toe box
The nubuck material is naturally more resistant to water than a traditional suede slipper 
The sheepskin on the inside the slipper provides comfort and keeps your feet warm 
Olukai Moloa Slipper

Olukai Moloa slipper in tobacco nubuck

Winter is coming! Yes I know it is still technically a few months out, but you can definitely feel the chills of fall settling in. As the colder months approach, I feel this is a perfect time to start talking about slippers as we begin to transition to spending even more time indoors–if you live in the midwest October tends to be the breaking point.

As I looked at my current slippers (a pair of 4 year old brown suede Ugg scuff slippers in a size 8) Just as I decided it was time for a change, Olukai reached out to see if I’d be interested in reviewing the Moloa slipper. Perfect timing.

Let’s start with overall comfort and fit…

In general, the slipper fits like a glove.  The versatility of Olukai’s patented drop-in heel adds to the level of comfort. If you want to slip them on and off, drop the heel (no pun intended). If you want a little more support in the slipper, put them on like a regular shoe with the heel up. 

Olukai slippers

Olukai Moloa slipper

The merino wool insole is one of the more underrated parts of this slipper. From my previous shoes, I’m used to really feeling the ground. This means every bump, ridge, dip that comes with an imperfect home. Fortunately, there is an added layer of protection in the Olukai Moloa slipper–a pad that cushions each step, especially in the heel and arch.

From the heel to the toe box, there’s a consistent amount of space for my feet. I can wiggle my toes without feeling like the slipper will fall off my feet at any moment, even when I wear the heel down. 

Olukai Moloa slippers

Another plus: I’m not constantly thinking about slipping in these slippers. With my Ugg scuffs, traction is nonexistent. Going up the stairs or going down the stairs, I’m very aware that with one wrong misstep, I could fall. With the Olukai Moloa slippers, this is not an issue, especially on carpeted stairs where I tend to have the most concerns.

After quality, the next thing I pay attention to in all my clothing pieces is how they look. In this case, my Olukai slippers look great!

The nubuck finish on the outside of the slipper provides a very clean and fuzzy look, almost like suede. For those who don’t know what nubuck is, it is still leather but it is the sanded down outside layer of the leather hide. 

Olukai Moloa Slipper

The stitching itself is clean and minimal. You can see some exposed stitching on the slipper but personally, I think it provides a nice visual appeal to the slipper. 

The branding is minimal as well. The logo can be found on the tongue, heel and bottom of the shoe with the tongue and heel logos stitched in a slightly darker brown for a little extra pop. I do not think this takes anything away from the overall look of the shoe. 

The Olukai Moloa slipper pairs nicely with any lazy day outfit. They look great in both short and long sweatpants, a t-shirt and/or hoodie. You could really say this about most slippers but the key here is the quality you are getting from the slippers. 

Men's Olukai Moloa Slipper

Olukai Moloa Slipper

Now, when you spend this kind of money on a slipper, it is important to know how to take care of them properly.

One of the biggest complaints I read about the Olukai Moloa slipper (I think this is true for most slippers) is the smell. If you wear these slippers often, like any shoe, they are going to build up some sort of odor. How bad that odor will vary from person to person.The merino wool insole helps,  but the sheepskin interior will inevitably make your shoes stink. Here are a few things you can do: 

  1. Not wear them every day–maybe get another pair of slippers to give your moloa slippers a rest. This is probably the greatest deterrent. 
  2. Wear socks with your slippers. Personally, when I’m at home I don’t wear socks very much but in the name of keeping your slippers smelling better, I would definitely do this from time to time. 
  3. Get some odor absorbing shoe balls. I think these are essential for any shoe you but, especially shoes that you will wear often. Insert a pair of shoe balls when you leave the house, or when you take them off at night before bed so that the odor is somewhat gone each morning when you wake up, hopefully.
    Olukai Moloa slipper

    Olukai Moloa slipper

On top of my personal suggestions, Olukai also has some instructions for how to best take care of your slippers here.

So what’s my final verdict on the Olukai Moloa slipper? 

It might seem painfully obvious that I’m a fan of this slipper and will be wearing them often during the colder months– in the midwest this means till May probably. 

Men's Olukai Moloa Slipper

Although I do like my feet warm, I think I will give these slippers a break as well. The mistake a made with my Ugg slippers was wearing them all day everyday and not giving them much of a break. 

I think the real selling point for this slipper is the drop in heel. The versatility of the shoe I think is what would make it worth the buy over another slipper you might be considering. Literally with a flick of the heel, you have a comfy house shoe and if you prefer to just slide them on your feet, instant slipper! 

The Olukai Moloa slipper is available in men’s sizes 7-16 for $120 from Did you know the Olukai Moloa comes in a shoe version too? Check out Chris’s review here.

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