Dr. Colleen Schwartz: A Podiatrist On Faithful Gratitude and shoes / BENDY: a stylish, comfortable shoe

Dr. Colleen Schwarz wearing a pair of bendys Dr. Colleen Schwartz


The BENDY shoe was bred from a need to treat our planet and our feet better. When podiatrist and shoe blogger Dr. Colleen Schwartz tried a pair on for herself, both of these sentiments came to her mind.


“The beautiful BENDY sets the trend for a gorgeously refined yet casual, put-together look,” Dr. Schwartz said on her blog, adding that she loves “how this elegant sneaker flat is made in California of transparent ethically sourced materials.”


But the BENDY is far from the only shoe that Dr. Schwartz has reviewed. As a podiatrist, she uses her expertise on what makes a shoe good to suss out kicks for comfort, style and more. She does this all through, where people can “shoe shop with a foot doc.”


Dr. Schwartz is More Than a Shoe Blogger Extraordinaire


Despite her status as a bona fide shoe blogger who’s passionate about shoes, feet, wellness and biomechanics, Dr. Schwartz has a storied history that’s made her who she is today.


She’s a rare tumor survivor—a warrior, no less—who’s currently on targeted tumor treatment.


Dr. Schwartz is joyful. She’s resilient. She’s energetic.


With a wide range of interests that include pilates physical rehab, acupuncture and primordial sound meditation (some very cool realms, if we do say so ourselves), Dr. Schwartz is anything but a one-trick pony.


And her passions aren’t just in shoes, biomechanics and foot health, either.


“I love new beginnings from vegetable garden design simulation and caring for seedlings to harvesting and cooking. Creating meals straight from the garden and chicken coop is healthy and brings real joy to my family and friends,” she says.


“I still laugh at the vivid memory of my six year old self screaming to my parents, ‘I hate weeding, I hate onions, and this is so not fair!'”


After moving from California to central Iowa, Dr. Schwartz completed the Master Gardener Program and volunteered at a local university’s botanical gardens. In her passion for gardening, she gets to live out her roles as joyful learner and persistent doer.


A One-of-a-Kind Business Model That Truly Fills a Gap


Dr. Schwartz has built an amazing business through her website. At its core, the platform is an affiliate shoe shopping site where she can review various brands and styles of shoes on look and function.


But as amazing as Dr. Schwartz’ website is for folks with foot issues seeking answers on the fly, that’s not all her platform is good for.


She offers one-on-one telehealth visits where patients can get totally personalized shoe recommendations. Dr. Schwartz bases her analysis on each individuals’ foot function and shoe needs. And she knows that no two people are the same in any capacity, feet included.


Dr. Schwartz says, “With more shoe shopping online coupled with ease of telehealth consultations, I look forward to solving every client’s shoe dilemma virtually.”


For anyone seeking an in-depth, personalized session with Dr. Schwartz, she’s available for virtual shoe consultations via


How ‘Faithful Gratitude’ Makes a Difference for Dr. Schwartz


For Dr. Schwartz, each new day is “full of infinite possibility.”


“Faithful gratitude inspires a sense of wholeness each day and seems to be my basis for hope and happiness,” she says.


Her work aligns with her purpose, but it’s not her whole purpose. Human connection—with friends, family, strangers and her rare tumor community—is the most important thing. Her work as a doctor and a healer helps her connect with others. And with a virtual platform, she can continue that connection even in the midst of a turbulent pandemic.


How the BENDY is Better — According to a Pro


Dr. Schwartz has a hand in collaborative research on human gait. As a podiatrist, she surrounds herself with information on feet and what it takes to have a healthy, well-functioning foundation.


In short, she knows what she’s talking about.


“As a podiatrist, I see so many foot problems that could be avoided or eliminated by better shoe choices,” says Dr. Schwartz.


On her blog, she shares, “For podiatrists, the word ‘bendy’ describing a shoe is typically not a winning combination for biomechanics or foot health. In fact, this is not the case with the BENDY shoe. While it is indeed true that good shoes should not be overly bendable particularly in the transverse mid foot or longitudinal axis, you can test your shoe by making sure it can’t be wrung out like a sponge.


As a podiatrist, I believe the high quality multi-laminar Ortholite insole makes this slip-on flat one of the most cushioned shoes in my closet. The insole is shape retaining, antimicrobial, moisture wicking and can be removed. The shock absorbing outsole and insole together put athletic shoe comfort into the sophisticated BENDY flat.


A proper bend in the forefoot near the ball of the foot is ideal. Despite the name, the BENDY shoe does not have an overly flexible sole, making it a very comfortable shoe good for your feet. So compared to my APMA Seal approved shoes, the BENDY shoe bends in just the right places.”


Dr. Colleen Schwartz on her patio on her computer in a pair of bendys Dr. Colleen Schwartz


mustard bendys on a bed of garden rocks

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