7 Fabulous Chanel Bags We Spotted on ‘Emily in Paris’

Emily in paris cover image

Netflix’s latest answer to Sex and the City – the comedy-drama Emily in Paris, certainly has fashion lovers talking.

Lily Collins stars as Emily, a social media marketing executive, who ends up with the opportunity to work in Paris. The twist? She doesn’t speak French! This charming Netflix series is filled with amazing fashion, hilarious moments, and some steamy chemistry between Emily and her neighbor.

We at Pursebop have been living vicariously, through Emily…in Paris! With memories of balmy summers in Europe,  in particular Paris, watching young and vivacious Emily navigate and thrive in her new life has been nothing short of mesmerising. Her charm and effervescent personality, teamed with a fashion game that is right on point are an escape of sorts for many of us.

With Sex and The City’s costume designer Patricia Field consulting the show’s fashion department, it’s no surprise that this series’ handbag game has us in awe. Like us, Emily seems to be a fan of Chanel. So while we ride out the imminent winter and wait patiently for the chance to travel once again next summer (Paris, here we come!), we present the seven best Chanel bags which Emily sports in this magical city.

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