5 Best Sports Bra for Running

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I know you all get excited about getting the right running shoes, getting the right workout pants, setting up a good playlist, but what about your bra? For female runners, choosing the right bra for running is very important. You need to feel comfortable and make sure it fits you right to let you run better. Whether you’re running on the ground or on a treadmill, a good sports bra will provide you support that your regular bra can’t. A well-fitted sports bra might feel slightly tighter than your everyday bra, but that is required to make your breasts stay in place and it also restricts bouncing and juggling of breasts. Sports bras help to attenuate your back and breast pain. Especially if you’re running long distances regularly, a good sports bra will look after your breasts supportive tissue, the cooper’s ligaments, which stop your breasts from sagging.

1. Medium Impact Sports Bra with Removable Pads

Medium Impact Sports Bra with Removable PadsA perfect pullover style with no hooks or no zips, this bra provides a chafe-free comfort. This can be a perfect bra for running. Bras with hooks are very discomforting if you plan on doing some floor exercises too after a good run. Lying flat on ground would result in poking of hooks. This is why this bra makes you feel comfortable all during the entire physical activity and gives you unmatched comfort and support. It has removable pads for your convenience. The fabric is stretchable and retains shape even after several washes.

2. Medium Impact Sports Bra with Racerback:

Medium Impact Sports Bra with RacerbackThis medium-impact padded sports bra with racerback gives added support to the back. It features an easy to put on style and stays in place. This bra is crafted with soft moisture wicking polyamide fabric to absorb your sweat and let you feel dry all day long. It has padded cups to protect modesty and you can also remove pads for convenience. It’s completely non-wired for poke free experience. It has full coverage cups for no top or side spillage. This bra maximizes flexibility, mobility & performance. It’s a perfect choice for Zumba, dance and running.

3. Medium Impact Sports Bra with Broader Straps:

Medium Impact Sports Bra with Broader StrapsWell well well I know the struggle of large breasted women. It’s very difficult to pick the right sports bra. But not anymore. Bras with regular straps can be a problem while running because these slim straps may dig into your skin and cause irritation or worse might not be able to lift the breast weight. So women with large breasts need more support for sure. Hence broader straps are what you need to help distribute the breast weight. Also, it is designed with a stylish criss-cross back to give you additional back support.

4. Medium Impact Padded Printed Sports Bra

Medium Impact Padded Printed Sports BraThanks to this amazing padded style. The main motto of padded cups is to protect modesty when you run and sweat it out. This bra has great elasticity and is resistant to perspiration. It provides ease of movement and avoids wear or tear of breast tissues. This bra maximizes flexibility, mobility & performance. What else do you need for a perfect morning run?

5. Medium Impact Padded Sports Bra With Front Zip:

Medium Impact Padded Sports Bra With Front ZipDo you know what’s the worst feeling? Feeling like you’re trapped in a sweaty swamp during summer runs. And for all the ladies who sweat a lot, it feels like you’re having a pool party inside you. Urgh! To avoid this switch your regular sports bras to this front open zipper bra. This black sports bra crafted with soft moisture wicking polyamide fabric. That means it instantly wicks your sweat and leaves you feeling dry. This is designed with a front zipper that makes it easier to put on & off after an intense sweaty workout. So buckle up and get ready for a run with this amazing bra.

A perfect sports bra can prevent you from breast pain and back pain and it’s very important to choose the right sports bra for a perfect run. While buying a sports bra you need to make sure to stay true to your size. Don’t size up or size down, I advise you to take up Clovia Fit Test to find your perfect Clovia Curve.



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