10 Hermès Kelly Bags That Have Us All Drooling

When it comes to the two most popular and hard to get Hermès bags – the Kelly and the Birkin – of the two, the Kelly still flies a bit under the radar. While the Birkin repeatedly appears as story lines and props in movies and television, its sister bag watches from the sidelines. No matter, the Kelly remains a coveted handbag that some find even more difficult to obtain than the Birkin. The Kelly craze seems to be intensifying from what we can see and community members corraborate. We started the hashtag #pursebopsgonekellycrazy years ago that still is thriving and well.

Perhaps ironically, the Kelly has been around for decades longer than the Birkin. Designed by Hermès’ son-in-law Robert Dumas as a saddle bag in the 1930s, it was originally called the Sac à Dépêches. In 1956 movie star and Princess Grace Kelly was famously photographed using the bag to hide her baby bump. Two decades later, in 1977, the bag was officially renamed the Kelly.

For those of you in the immediate market for a Kelly, take a look at the top ten bags you can buy now. Keep in mind, we still have that possible tariff of 25% looming over our heads come January.
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Will any of these satisfy your K cravings? 

HERMES Epsom Bi-Color Horseshoe Kelly Sellier 25 Trench Rose Azalee

HERMES Swift Kelly Retourne 25 Lime

HERMÈS Mini Bleu Saphir Ostrich Kelly 20

HERMES Box Kelly Sellier 25 Black

HERMES Epsom Kelly Sellier 32 Rouge Casaque

HERMES Sombrero Kelly Sellier 28 Black

HERMÈS Etain Epsom Kelly 25

HERMES Epsom Chevre Mysore Sombrero Kellygraphie Lettre M Kelly Sellier 28 Gold Capucine Rouge H

HERMES Togo Kelly Retourne 25 Bordeaux

HERMES Shiny Alligator Kelly Sellier 25 Rose Scheherazade

HERMES Togo Kelly Retourne 32 Gris Asphalte

HERMES Epsom Kelly Sellier 25 Black

HERMES Epsom Kelly Sellier 28 Feu

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